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Melodia | Short Film




Director of Photography



Music, Drama


Taipei, Taiwan

Written and directed by AT Beaune, shot by Laticia Fan. Produced by f/Lash Productions.

A rendezvous in Taiwan's capital city. A musician gives voice to the day as contrasting lives intersect.

Winner of Best Short Film at Experiment, Dance & Music Film Festival (2023)
World Premiere at the 38th Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival (2023)
Official Selection at the Vienna International Film Awards (2023)
Award Winner at Mannheim Arts and Film Festival (2024)
Award Winner at 13th Buenos Aires International Film Festival (2024)
Official Selection at the 14th annual Mediterraneo Festival Corto (2024)
Award Nominee at the Cannes Film Awards (2024)
Official Selection at Saint Auggie Shorts Film Festival (2024)

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